RUSHING FOOLS — Forgetting To Be In The Moment

Anyone out there find themselves constantly checking the time while they are engaged in one particular activity?  Is there anyone out there who finds themselves feeling "rushed", seemingly unable to relax during any one activity, planning their exit to get to the next one? 

It's hard to type when I'm raising one hand.  I am that person, and I don't like it.  It feeds into the feeling that time is racing by me.  I seem to be returning to Thursdays (my busiest work day) before I realize it.  It seems that the rush of time is accelerating.  And that is not a good thing.

Einstein wrote of the relativity of time, even implying that the past, present and future already exist in a matrix.  His concept predicted that any event could be characterized by four settings–three in space to represent the three dimensions and a fourth in time.

What is the antidote to being that rushing fool?  The answer is to purposefully take a moment and step out of time.  The age-old advice to smell the roses is stating the same thing.  Stop what you are doing or more realistically between activities.  Add another few minutes to the interval no one but you will notice.  Stop, look, feel what is going on around you.  Take notice of life as if an observer rather than a participant.  That may be closer to the ultimate truth of who we are anyway.  The soul incarnates and observes, I was once told by a psychic/medium who was deep in communication. 

 Mindfulness meditation asks us to observe our thoughts and feelings and, by doing so, allow ourselves to understand them from a perspective of nonattachment.  All of this is difficult because we don't practice enough.  Take time to step out of time and be in the moment, it will slow us down and offer us a deeper experience of living.

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