Thank You Tom Friedman — Confronting Muslim Hatred At Last

I know I am not alone in this…..absolute frustration with liberal writers/thinkers who seem to apologize for the vile hatred that spews from certain radical Muslim sources. 
There has been an attempt to overlook such activities and place blame on the West, on Jews and Christians for fomenting what is clearly a world religious war and a clash of civilizations.  Finally the NY Times and Thomas Friedman have spoken out–clearly and forcefully on this hypocrisy. 
The examples of Muslim hatred directed at Christians, Shiites, Jews and Sufis is truly despicable.  There is no excuse among civilized human beings in the 21st century for such hate speech.  It is the language of Hitler, of mass murders, of self-destructive maniacs.  Sadly its power to influence others to revel in this atmosphere of war and destruction is beyond comprehension. 
Israelis have been castigated since their country's founding in 1948 for not making peace with their Palestinian neighbors.  I am not justifying Israeli policies here either.  I am only pointing out the impossibility of making peace where there is no partner for peace.  When the "otherside" seeks your annihilation. When peaceful co-existence is not in their mindset.  When compromise is not a concept that is understood or desired.  When mutual respect for the beliefs and practices of others is a foreign notion, there will be no peace.
  War is always the last resort of civilized humanity.  But sometimes it is the only course of action.  Unless the Western democracies are willing to embrace a philosophy of suicide, it is time that they wake up to the sad reality of the rhetoric that is continually poisoning the minds of the Muslim world. 
Islam has had a great history of being a world leader in thought, science, philosophy, literature.  That golden age was centuries ago.  It is far from what is occurring now. But it did happen.  It can happen again.
The only  sane and rational solution seems sadly silent–Muslims speaking out against the hate spewed forth from their own leaders.  It is a decidedly risky strategy.  Intimidation is a powerful force.  But to not do so is to further damage the reputation of one of the world's great religions.
Change can only come from within.  The civilized world is waiting.  Let's hope it will be sooner than later.  The price for silence, as our news outlets reveal on a daily basis, is extremely high.

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