The Days of Awe – 2012

The ten day period beginning with Rosh Hashana and ending with Yom Kippur are know as the Days of Awe. They are both the beginning of the New Year and the time when we are to recall the nature of our past year.  This is a serious, contemplative period.  It is  a preview of the life review that occurs when we leave this physical existence, but in real time. During this ten days we do not plan our next lifetime, we re-evaluate this one. 

It is a time in which we question our life's choices, truly examine our moral and ethical decisions.  How did we treat each and every being we encountered?  How did we treat ourselves.  It is a period for inquiry followed by a pledge for renewal and re-birth. 

The notion of God is fascinating here as well.  The ultimate Source, we recognize with humility our ephemeral nature, yet the essence of this time turns our attention and awareness inward.  Our concern is with our interaction with our fellow human beings. Our relationship with God follows.

Each moment offers us this opportunity for renewal.  Holidays ritualize it.  It is our choice, always how it will manifest in the next moment, in the next year.

 L'shanah tova.  A good year for all.

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