Political Spin — Apply It To Ourselves!

Am I the only one who gets annoyed by the obvious partisanship and hypocrisy of party faithfuls who overlook the failings of their favorite political leaders and completely  whitewash them?  These same party hacks will lam bast their opponent who makes a mistake during a speech, is caught having an affair, or was found cheating on a high school exam, while excusing similar behavior on a member of their party who they support. 
 This blind political spinning of events seems at times to be ludicrous.  Yet each party does it.  Ironically, most of us in our own lives actually do the opposite.  We are often our own worst critics.  We don't like the way we look.  We fear that someone might find out that we aren't as smart or talented or adept as others believe.  Most of us suffer from some degree of insecurity.  We may even have difficulty accepting praise from others.  We may question their sincerity or deny that we are worthy of it. 
How different are politicians! They believe their own hype.  They often can lie to the public without so much as a tell-tale blink of the eye, be discovered to be lying and not even feel remorse.  They exhibit a resilience and inflated self-image that helps them overcome adversity and not appear to be defeated. 
But what if we could borrow just a small bit of this attitude?  Would it be so terrible if we became our own cheering squad?  The field of positive psychology has identified individuals who seem capable of interpreting their own mistakes and failures as temporary events.  They may even blame others, believe that they were unfairly singled-out, even discriminated against.  Their own self-image remains intact and they rarely suffer from depression and malaise.  They seem to live longer, healthier, even happier lives.
While too much of this approach may lead to delusional thinking and inability to learn from failure, just the right amount of self-praise might actually be beneficial to us.  Can we "learn" to become our own best advocates?  Can we judiciously apply positive attributes to ourselves, forgive our mistakes and believe that we can do great things? 
Perhaps just a bit of such "spin" can help us get through life's challenges and keep our chins up.

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