Time Order Your Problems — A Healing Approach

Why do we feel overwhelmed by  worries and concerns regarding upcoming events? Why does our mind race from one to the other and leave us anxious, unfocused and even incapable of rationally resolving our problems? 
The reason we feel so distressed is that all our thoughts and feelings appear in our minds simultaneously. In  other words one problem leads to thinking about another, then another until we are engulfed by them. It seems to our consciousness as if all these problems are happening in the present moment.  And in fact they are. By thinking about them, they are affecting us all at the same time.
This feeling of suffocation, of near drowning in negativity and worry can lead to extreme anxiety.  How will we ever deal with them?  This may lead to a feeling of panic and, even worse, paralysis.
One way is to focus in on them in "time order.". They are separate and individual even if several are linked together.  Most likely they will occur in some kind of.  The key is to literally address them separately and in that order.  That doesn't mean the others will not periodically arise in your consciousness or produce some temporary anxiety.  When they do just place them back where they belong, in the future.
That doesn't mean we should ignore them.  That would be foolish since long-term planning is often necessary to achieve our goals. But when they do arise in our awareness, address them as deemed necessary, make whatever plans are required, then re-file them into the future.
We prioritize our problems by time sequencing them.  They may be challenging, difficult and truly life changing but by seeing them lining up in a row like airplanes landing at an airport, we can focus on what is next.  We also realize that what may be approaching in the future may not be ready to address fully anyway.  Perhaps those events that we worry about now may not even happen, or if they do, be less monumental than we imagine them now.
When we focus our awareness on the task at hand a sense of order is reestablished in our minds. Chaos fades a bit and anxiety as well. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, even paralyzed by fear, we are better able to deal with the problems more directly and successfully.  It will allow us to face our problems with a healing serenity which we all seek.

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