Beyond Election 2012 – Seeking a Political Party

Obama was not my man.

I am not a fan of redistributionist theory of economics. I believe that wealthy people pay more than their “fair share” already (statistics are clear on this point) but that tax loop holes should be remedied. I believe that the wealthy should be extremely charitable towards those who are in need but object to that role being played by the government. Private choice and private charities can work wonders to “re-distribute” resources.

While understanding that rampant capitalism is dangerous and self-serving, I find Obama’s lack of understanding how small business works appalling. This economy will never grow as long as small businessmen and women continue to be inundated by regulations and higher taxes. Economic uncertainty is the bane to any business plans for expansion and/or new hiring.

Obamacare itself adds such burdensome taxation that many small business will withdraw their offered health care programs and risk paying the penalties for doing so. I object to his re-creation of the entire health care system in a manner which adds layers of bureaucracy without doing anything to address quality of care. In particular his refusal to acknowledge the cost of defensive medicine secondary to lack of tort reform is disingenuous on his part.

On the other hand the Republican party’s social agenda bothers me tremendously. I cringe when I read their positions on a woman’s right to choice, objections to gay marriage, anti-scientific religious agenda such as teaching “creationism” as an alternative to evolution.

So you can see my conundrum–there is no party that reflects my core beliefs.

I also believe that I am not alone. There many of “us” out there–social progressives, economic conservatives. Perhaps I would have felt comfortable in a branch of the Republican party that no longer exists– “a New York Republican”. There are references to Jacob Javits, Nelson Rockefeller and others who were politically liberal in their thinking but more libertarian and pro-business when it came to government intervention and control over other sectors in our lives.

For close friends who grew up under Eastern European communism, the rhetoric of class envy and attacks on success in this country are deeply frightening. This country promises one thing only–opportunity. It cannot, nor should it ever, guarantee “success”. That is unreasonable and contrary to human nature. Correcting imbalances, encouraging minorities who do not have the personal connections and resources to succeed is a part of the American dream. That is something I wholeheartedly support. The regressive social/religious and moral agendas of a segment of the population do not belong in the platform of a major political party. Perhaps I should consider myself an Independent. Unfortunately, they rarely have much political clout. So I , as many others, remain a political anomaly.

My hope is that there will be some political party structure will represent my personal philosophy. Until then I will remain frustrated.

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