The Karma of Hate – The Self-Destructive Force

I believe that we intuitively understand that individuals whose lives are consumed with hatred of others live shallow, pitiful and ultimately self-destructive ones.

History has shown that even societies whose past was notable for tremendous cultural and scientific progress can plummet to the depths suicidal self-annihilation when their fanatical goal is genocide–witness Nazi Germany in the 20th century.

Hatred is a karmic cancer whose victim is its perpetrator. It is a spiritual black hole that consumes those who are obsessed with it.

Unfortunately we can see the consequences of such attitudes in the many parts of the Muslim world today. Hatred of nonbelievers: of the West, of America and especially of Israel is such an all-consuming fact of life that there is energy for little else.

And what “else” is there? Everything!

How is it possible to develop a civil society based on principles of liberty and free expression (formerly a basic tenet of leftist doctrine) when religious fanaticism blocks any dissent? How can at least half of the population (women) be subjugated and regarded as chattel. Where is the energy to create works of art, of music, of philosophy, literature? And what about science and medicine? What about the development of advances that can help ALL humanity?

The irony is that the Muslim world was such a leader–in philosophy, art, science. That was about 500 years ago. But apparently such a worldly approach was compatible with its religious tenets then. Is it not true now, in the 21st century?

Yes, to my leftist friends–Israel is militarily superior to the Palestinians. And yes there are legitimate reasons for Palestinian frustration with their political conditions and standard of living.

Attacking their more powerful neighbor, knowing their own civilians will be killed when they hide their weapons among them is clearly self-destructive. And to my leftist friends–is hatred and targeting of civilians a strategy to laud? Is religious intolerance and genocidal rhetoric now a part of the world’s leftist creed?

The thrill of killing another human being is a spiritual poison–regardless of the impetus for doing so. Former prime minister Golda Meir is quoted as saying “there will not be peace between Israel and the Arabs (substitute Islam and the West) until Arab mothers love their children more than they hate us.”

It is a powerful yet sad statement. Of course Muslim mothers love their children. So why do they feed their children a diet of fanatical hatred?

Societies driven by hatred take on the karmic burden that individuals do–they will ultimately fail. They will succumb to the karmic poison, the darkest of energies known to the universe.

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