Embracing The Paradox of Joy & Suffering– Being Present in the Moment

My last posting has led me to continue to ponder the mystery– how do we live our lives in the face of all the suffering we see around us and which we experience in our lives?  How do we survive on the edge of chaos?

The irony is this– does this fear of the unknown diminish our ability to enjoy the blessings in our lives?  How do we accept the gifts of life and love that surround us while being in fear of the suffering that awaits us?  Those of us immersed in fear and negativity find our minds so overwhelmed that we pass beauty without seeing it.  We overlook gifts of gentleness and peace.

We are caught in a vortex of thoughts and feelings.  Many of us find ourselves paralyzed by the fear. We actually fear that we will not find our way out. This is a self-perpetuating cycle of suffering.  Not only are we suffering now for what has not occurred but our minds can’t function clearly enough to find solutions to our problems.

The answer lies in living within the now, the present moment.  We need to force ourselves to step out of our minds.  Here is the paradox–In order to make progress, to deal with our problems we must forget about them—at least for the moment.  By doing so we will learn to clear the chaos that produces anxiety and confused thinking.  Clearning our minds will actually allow them to function better.

Once again I find myself advocating for the practice of meditation.  It is the mechanism for developing our awareness.  It is training for being present in the moment.  It is the antidote for our mind’s internal battle. It reboots our minds.  It is an instant vacation.  It allows us to step out of the vortex of suffering and find peace.

When our minds return to our usual state of consciousness,  we may find  gifts of love and beauty previously  hidden in plain sight  are now visible. We may be shocked by how blinded we were to their presence.

And we will have a new perspective, a renewed confidence that we will be able to handle what comes our way. And this attitude will allow us to do just that.

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