COMPARE & DESPAIR — Why Comparing Your Life With Others Makes Little Sense

Compare and despair……. How much suffering has been engendered by envy over the lives of others around us?  It is barely ‘human’ to not observe the lives of friends, colleagues, relatives or bare acquaintances and not wish that some aspect of our lives were like theirs. 

Of course the absurdity of such a delusion becomes clear when we realize that the lives of others is a “package deal”.  It is not fair to just pick one aspect of someone’s life, then another aspect of someone else’s life etc. etc.  And, of course, there is the interior state of mind of that individual that we can never know.  A superficial evaluation of someone else’s life cannot possibly comprehend what goes on the emotional level.  Seemingly fabulous lives (to an outsider) may be filled with unexplainable pain and suffering when experienced from within. 

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