THEY HATED THE WARS IN IRAQ & AFGANISTAN — Is This The New Excuse For Radical Islamic Barbarity?

Forgive me if I don’t get it. 

The Chechnian brothers who committed the Boston Marathon atrocities  ( I choose not to name them once again ) have been analyzed by the liberal media as being outraged by US wars against Iraq and Afghanistan.  Their actions at the Boston marathon somehow become “undertandable” by those who seek rationality in the barbaric actions of Islamic fundamentalists.  If only we “understood” them better then these religious fanatics would desist from a their heinous acts of maniacal slaughter.  ( An Obama policy).  If only we realized how distressed they were by our political support of Israel.  If only we understood that attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan would trigger such a response.  If only… if only….    But why should we?  I personally believe our involvement in both of these wars was utter folly.  I shudder to ponder the next time our military leaders decide to send our best young men and women into harms way for some inane and insane military venture without an exit strategy. 

Yet I strongly reject any attempt to “understand” or somehow “justify” jihadist attitudes and actions in this 21st  century.  There is NO JUSTIFICATION FOR THE SLAUGHTER OF INNOCENTS.  Do I need to restate this?  When Americans or Israelis kill innocent civilians in the prosecution of military actions theiy immediately apologize.  It is never their intention to do so.  Do we not understand the profound ethical/moral/spiritual/metaphysical distinction here? 


The purposeful destruction/ wounding/ killing of innocent civilians can NEVER be justified.  To even suggest that there is any legitimacy to these jihadist claims is horrific and reprehensible. To even offer an explanation is to infer that we should understand the reasons or motivations for such actions.  Civillized people disagree with each other– passionately and frequently.  Do we ever excuse such barbaric behavior?  Never. 

And God forbid we ever do so.

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