Is there anyone on the planet who is pro-air pollution?  Is there anyone who does not favor reduction in CO2 emissions?  Let’s grant that as a desirable goal that should  be pursued.  Yet somehow  the left’s agenda cannot help but politicize the debate.

In the NYTimes article There is a warning about a “long-feared milestone” of CO2 emissions that has been breached.  The guilt for this catastrophe  which will clearly contribute to global warming is laid at the feet of human activity. 

Yet the article also offers a confusing scenario—it clearly states that the last time such CO2 levels were experienced on Earth was the Pliocene period, three million years ago and prior to human occupation of this planet.  So unless I am missing some profound twist of logic–why is this time different? Aren’t the scientific facts more consistent with natural cyclical changes that occur by virtue of geologic and astronomic factors beyond human control?

Again, don’t misinterpret this piece as in anyway advocating ignoring CO2 emissions.  Nor should the clear dangers of global warming, rising sea levels, increasingly severe storm activity be ignored either.  The consequences of global warning should be clear enough to everyone, regardless of political persuasion.

 Let’s just addresses  the issue without political posturing and fear-mongering.  This will only diminish the validity of continuing to reduce unnecessary polluting of our planet.

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