STEPHEN HAWKINGS / THE INTEL CORE i7 / and Anti-Israel Protests

Certainly anyone is free to protest the policies of any country of individiual.  And clearly there are many in this world who disagree with certain Israeli political actions particularly involving the Palestinian issue. 

To my thinking the leftists of the world see Israel as the top dog, the Palestinians as the underdog.  This is all they care to examine.  The failure of any Palestinian leader to accept the essential nature of the country as a Jewish state will forever deter Israelis from further concessions of land won by the sacrifice of their own soldiers in battle. 

Witness Stephen Hawkings refusal to attend a scientific conference in Israel.  The irony/hypocrisy of this action should be exposed.  Because of his horrific ALS his very life is dependent upon the Intel Core i7 chip, designed and produced by Israel. 

Although it is not possible to know the true feelings of the anti-Israel protestor, it is not far-fetched to believe that Jew-hatred may contribute to some proportion of it.  This festering wound on the moral conscience of the last 2000 years of Western civilization is itself complex and complicated.  But there is a common theme here. 

Jew-haters and Israeli -haters somehow ignore the enormous contributions that both Jews and Israelis have given the world through science/literature/medical  technology/ the arts/ Nobel Prize winners etc. etc. 

It is an interesting example of selective amnesia.  Would they refuse the benefits of such contributions?  They should if they are not hypocrites.  But like Hawkings they will happily benefit from what Jews/Israelis have contributed to the entirety of humanity.  Or would he rather wait for the first Palestinian chip?

I guess he can’t hold his breath that long.

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