THE MEDIUM EXPERIENCE — What It Tells Us About Life….And Death

I have written about the medium experience before– in blog postings as well as my book.  Yet I am continually amazed by them.  They offer a powerful message about existence on both sides of life. 

A recent one was shared by me by a friend, Joan who has been into these studies for decades.  I will guarrantee her credibility ( a topic I have discussed previously).  This is crucial in any discussion of the validity of these medium encounters. 

Joan had a reading with a well known NJ medium (Deborah Sousa)  who described an event that occurred at her  mother’s funeral.  Speaking for the deceased mother, Deborah seems confused by the message she is receiving.  She states that Joan’s  mother is showing her a card written out and placed in her coffin.  There are heart shapes consistent with a Valentine’s Day card and yet she is being shown writing referring to Mother’s Day. 

Joan was completely blown away by this statement.   Indeed, it was completely accurate.  She had intended to give her mom a Valentine’s Day card but was preoccupied by her illness and never did give it to her while alive.  By the time she passed it was approaching Mother’s Day.  Not having another card available, she wrote “Happy Mother’s Day” on the Valentine’s Day card. 

It should be quite obvious that this could not be guessed, fabricated or faked in anyway.  Joan had mentioned the card to a friend just before her reading, suggesting that if THAT message came through it would be an incredible confirmation of her mother’s presence. 

So what is the importance of these experiences.  For those of us who question the tenents of organized religion, for those of us who seek evidence for their beliefs rather than faith…..these bits of experiences ARE powerful evidence for the continuation of consciousness, ie the soul, after physical death. 

And what does THAT do for us?  For one, it should give us the awareness that our lives are not existential accidents.  We may begin to understand that life here is a challenge we are meant to experience.  We need to live our lives fully and completely, viewing the good and bad, the beauty and the ugliness, the joy and despair as necessary for our soul’s journey and evolution. 

In other words, we should understand that the medium experience is evidence that there is more to existence than life as we know it.  Yet we need to be careful not to obsess over that truth.   If we truly experienced the “other side” we might just stop struggling to live this life to the fullest.  

So for those who seek to understand the nature of reality, don’t hesitate to have your own medium experience.  It might just change your perspective on…..everything.


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