The Near Death Experience (NDE) so named byRaymond Moody in his 1975 book Life After Life has become ingrained in popular culture via a multitude of books, movies and articles. 

Although this phenomenon is well accepted, its underlying metaphysical implications remain controversial.  Is this merely the neuroelectric firings of a ‘dying brain’ or does it offer insights into another dimension that exists after physical death?  

A recent NYTimes article by Douglas Quenqua reporting on work done with lab rats seems to show hightened brain arousal within 30 seconds of clinical death.  Is this, therefore, evidence to dismiss the NDE as a quasi-spiritual experience?  I don’t think so. 

The prime examples are the “verdical” (truthful) bits of information that occur when an individual is in such as state.  When the NDEr reports perceptions that are physically impossible, or meeting “beings of light” who they later find out are deceased relatives, then I feel we are not ready to dismiss them as mere dying brain activity.  I reported several in my book, Metaphysician On Call For Better Health.  Neither of these case studies from reliable sources could be explained by the phenomena in dying rats.

But keep an open mind. If science can completely explan all aspects of the NDE to my satisfaction, I will be the first to accept their conclusion that they are epiphenomeon.  Until then….. I don’t.

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