My friend and personal medium Lynn Milano from Metuchen NJ wowed one eof my longstandng patients who I will refer to as Pat ( not real name).  She presented Lynn with a photo of several family members. 

Lynn noted her adult son (Bob)’s picture and immediately asked if he were a Civil War re-enactor.  She noted that he was.  Lynn  then went on to state that she doesn’t always “see” someone’s past life but absolutely knew that her son had died at age 16 fighting in the Civil War.  Now I have alwals wondered about Civil War re-enactors.  What draws them so powerfully to engage in such activities?  Could they all be remembering the past lives (and deaths) and been drawn to connect with them?

Furthermore, Lynn noted two young children’s photos.  She perceived that the young girl was outgoing, sefl-assured, and comfortable with people.  The young boy, however, was completely the opposite–shy, withdrawn and a loner.  She then pointed to the adult male ( Pat’s son-in-law)  standing nearby and noted that he was a ‘son-of-a bitch’.  He emotionally abused the young boy, either ignoring him or demeaning him in a horrific manner.  Lynn also felt that Pat’s daughter would eventually leave him—but not yet. 

Pat was blown away by Lynn’s reading.  It not only demonstrated her ability but strengthened my belief in reincarnation.

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