GOOGLING FOR INFO — Are Professionals Obsolete?

In an age where information is but a touch away, is there still a need for professionals?  What I mean is simply this…..If I can get unlimited medical information from the internet, if any legal question, tax question can be answered, if I can use etrade, legal zoom, turbotax, online real estate, investment advice etc. etc… I  really need to pay a professional to advise me on any of it?  The truth is—it all depends.  There are simple legal issues, tax issues, medical issues, investment issues which can be handled directly by the consumer.  But when the situation is not so simple, when too many opposing opinions are obtained or when the issues are technical enough that the layman clearly is over their head, that is the time to rely on the professional.

The internet does empower all of us.  Knowledge IS power.  The problem is that the internet offers information, unlimited information.  It does not guarantee accurate, useful, wise information ie. knowledge.

  This is why I encourage my patients to present whatever information that have gleaned from websites.  I only recommend that they hear my interpretation of what they present.  If I know  my business I should be able to convince them that my position is one they should follow.  For this interpretation of information I deserve to be paid.  I would suggest the same is true of other professionals who have the training, certification, experience and knowledge.  

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