Was Jesus married?  Does it matter to devout Christians?  The Gospel of Philip is discussed in the recent addition of Biblical Archeological Review (BAR) May/June 2014 Vol 40  No 3.  In this apocryphal text, discovered among the Nag Hammadi Codices in 1945, Professor Karen King of Harvard wrote The Gospel of Philip represents the incarnate Jesus actually having been married (to Mary Magdalene).”   The article references some Greek terms referring to sexual intercourse and marriage.

 Does this discussion offend believing Christians? Very likely it does but I believe it should not.  My extensive study of many religions since my undergraduate college days at Franklin & Marshall College have led me to one conclusion– ALL religions are “man made”.

 Now this does not denigrate the spiritual element of religions.  I believe they represent human insight into another realm of being which follows our physical existence on this plane.  What is created are the practices, rituals, details, religious writings etc. etc.  Was Jesus married or not?  Does it even matter? 

 If any religion offers its followers a prescription for living a loving, compassionate, caring life with service to others then we should all be grateful that it exists.

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