This is a bit of a human interest story–at least I think so.

 Michael is a 40 year old male patient of mine with some sort of developmental disability.  I’m not quite sure of his diagnosis but suffice it so say that he can drive, come to my office on his own, concisely describe his symptoms and remember what meds he is on.  In many ways he is an ideal patient.  At times I believe he comes to me to be reassured that he’s OK.  That’s fine with me.  Perhaps that applies to my less disabled patients as well.

 On his last visit I asked how his girl friend was doing.  He said she was good, then added that he wanted to marry her.  He giggled afterwards, as he frequently did when he was pleased with himself.  ‘Will you live together?” I asked.”No” he replied, she needs a lot of help and she might lose her assistants if we lived together.  But I can help out with her a lot”.  He giggled again.  ” We have a lot in common” he noted.  ” I’m disabled and so is she “.  He smiled broadly and clapped his hands together.

 It was a good visit. 

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