WHEN PACIFISM BECOMES SUICIDE — How A Just War Emerges from Spirituality

To those of us who seek to live a life imbued with spiritual principles, the notion of war seems abhorent. And yet there are wars that must be fought.

 Essentially when there is an aggressor whose goal is annihilation of the enemy (namely YOU) there is a moral/spiritual imperative to resist.    To do otherewise is, in essence, to accept suicide.  There is no option.

Passivity is capitulation to evil.

There may be political issues which motivate the aggressor.  They may completely believe in their cause, their holy right to seek your annihilation.  But that just doesn’t work.  There is no room for “proportionality”.  

Powerful responses which may shorten the conflict are justified from a spiritual perspective.

 God help as all.

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