JEWISH SELF-DEFENSE — Why Should It Be Needed

Yes. Bravo to the Jews of Paris who defend themselves agains hateful mobs.  But why should this be needed? Political discourse seems dead.  The rule of the mob is rearing its ugly head around the world.  Those individuals committed to peaceful discourse, negotiation, compromise are silent.

Are we as a people, nation, civilization descending into nihilistic chaos?  Aren’t rules of law designed to defend the minorities, those whose beliefs differ from others? What happened to the rule of law?

When scenes of European anti-Semitism in 2014 bring to mind the black and white scenes of Nazi Europe we are ALL in trouble.

There is an entire generation of young, liberal, tolerant Jews who support Palestinian rights and a Palestinian state who are in shock right now.  They never dreamed that such deep seated Jew-hatred still existed in the world.

 Thank God for the internet and social media.  Thank you Wolf Blitzer of CNN (never thought I’d write that) for allowing Hamas to expose their vile Jew-hatred with the insanity of blood-libel.  To those uniformed, Jews do not make matzah from the blood of children.  Jews were murdered and tortured in the Middle Ages by believing Christians.  Now Islamists have taken up the insanity.

What about  political solutions to the Israel/Palestine crisis?  Sadly, you cannot negotiate with primitive, uncivilized, hate-filled human beings. Hamas, Hezbollah, Jihadists do not seek political solutions to anything. They only respect power.  Because Jews are not ready to commit mass suicide, they must use violent means to defend themselves.

Jews with guns may be an anit-Semite’s worst nightmare.  But believe me, they rather not.  Israeli’s are producing technology to help paralyzed people walk, to defeat Ebola etc. etc.  Would not the world be better off allowing them to do just that? Hey.  It could even be used by those who hate Jews.

 Where are the  world’s rational Muslims here? Where are the French, Germans, Belgians,  Australians—everywhere where mobs have attacked Jews right now.

Think of this argument as self-serving.  Let Jews do what they do best–think, create and help mankind.

 Rational people can still save our world from imploding.  But they better act fast.  

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