THE PARADOX OF JEWISH SURVIVAL — Anti-Semitism Guarantees It

If Jew-haters understood history they would have discovered the best way to rid the world of Jews… very tolerant of them.

Throughout the 3500 or so history of the Jewish people, it was during times of extreme acceptance and tolerance that assimilation was at its highest.  American Jews intermarriage rate among nonOrthodox is over 70% !  It won’t take many more generations in this country before the only Jews left are Orthodox.  It you want to rid the world of Jews just be really kind and accepting of them.

 Ironically, anti-Semitism arouses a very deep reflex among Jews.  Even those who barely identify with their Jewish culture or heritage begin to feel a primal sympathy with other Jews.  The present Israeli-Gaza conflict has generated such pure anti-Jewish venomous  sentiment in the world that is clearly NOT a reaction to the policies and politics of Israel the sovereign nation.

 Many young liberal and leftist Jews who routinely criticize Israel and their policies have been deeply hurt and troubled by this world reaction.  When they discover that Hamas has used millions of dollars to build elaborate tunnels to attack and destroy Israel rather than help their fellow Palestinians, they begin to question the conventional wisdom about who are the bad players.  When they see Hamas openly proclaim that Jews  make matzah from the blood of children (blood-libel) they begin to understand who their enemy truly is.

When Islamic fundamentalists openly proclaim that their only objective is NOT STATEHOOD but the annihilation of Israel and its Jewish population, they begin to re-think what is going on.

 They had all read about the Holocaust, pogroms, Inquisitions etc. etc.  They had never expected to actually feel such hatred expressed towards Jews, NOT JUST ISRAELI POLICIES. This is the kind of experience that has actually kept Jews connected to their heritage.

Now this still doesn’t lead to blind acceptance of Israeli policies.  Nor should it.  Jews criticize Jews routinely.  The tradition is one that encourages debate and free expression of opinions.

But….push me and I’ll push back.  Tell me that I shouldn’t exist and I will hold tighter to my tradition.  It is a paradox of Jewish survival.

 Just don’t tell the anti-Semites–not that they will get it anyway.

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