MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT — Woody Allen, Metaphysician

I have always been an enormous fan of Woody Allen’s films.  Even his less than stellar creations are worth viewing and as a body of work there are few in his league.  I was particularly fascinated by this summer’s Magic in the Moonlight.

 I will not attempted to critique the film as such.  I am strictly an amateur on the subject.  But I am a devotee of metaphysics– the field that seeks to comprehend the nature of reality.  Woody (I feel I can freely refer to him as such) has touched upon such themes as the nature of life, death, the soul, the existence of God, the “unseen world” in many prior films.  But here he addresses it directly through the character played brilliantly by Colin Firth.

 As a magician (Woody as well) he is a master of illusion.  He understands the gullibility of mankind, their need, even desire to believe in more than this physical world.  Yet as the ultimate skeptic he is capable of debunking the fraudulent perpetrators of such scams.  To summarize all too briefly, he becomes the victim of a scam himself and begins to believe in the afterlife and the power of the Emma Stone character to truly communicate with a spirit realm.

 In the end all is exposed and our skepticism renewed and validated.  Woody, the ultimate romantic, seems to feel that love is capable of transcending rank cynicism.  But to me he still wrestles with the metaphysical questions.

 I, too, was the ultimate nonbeliever.  Yet my experiences with mediums and ordinary individuals has led me to understand that there is evidence for a spiritual domain (see my book and various prior postings).

 I do not claim to understand the depth of this world.  I am a total novice, but I do believe an open-minded skeptic can explore this area on their own and eventually come to their own conclusions.

 I’m sure Woody is still in hot pursuit of the ultimate truth.  I’d love to share what I have learned with him and make suggestions for his own exploration.  In either case I wish him well.

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