I get it.

It is a consumer’s right to have access to their medical records.  God forbid some physician denies you that right. We are obligated under some vague government penalty to allow you to do so.

 So now what?  What do you do with them?  What happens when you find some abnormality in your lab work?  What is that abnormality on your CT scan?  What is that dark hole on your endoscopy report?  You will panic.  You will search the internet, frantic to understand specific medical terminology, you will make yourself crazy with fear.  You will call me in my office in panic.  What is this? What does that mean?  What is that shadow? Is that a mass on my colonoscopy photo?  And now it is up to me and my office staff to undo what has been done.

 WE need to do this together—in the first place!  This is why I don’t routinely offer photos of my patients colonoscopy/endoscopy reports until I see them in my office……so I can explain what they are looking at!

 And yet I am not following the new guidelines.  I should be handing everything to you without comment.  But then we have the problem of trying to explain it all to you.  

So please.  Let us do this together.  I’ve been doing this a lot longer than you have.

 Thank you for your consideration. Its better for both of us.

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