THE BLACK JEWELRY BOX — Unexplainable Experiences

A devout skeptic, my metaphysical journey was first triggered by hearing first hand the personal experiences of ordinary individuals who had unexplained experiences.

 What was so compelling was the context of these experiences.  They were told to me in deepest confidence.  The experiencers were rather reluctant to share what had occurred for fear of appearing strange or foolish.  Yet I knew many of these individuals for years.  I knew they had nothing to gain by fabricating these stories.  They were compelling yet unexplainable. There was a level of credibility to them that drew me in.

 I still find them compelling and worthy of investigation.  Although they remain unexplainable, they point ever so subtly to a level of reality which transcends every day awareness.  Do they “prove” survial of consciousness after physical death.  Hardly. Yet taken as a whole they cannot be easily dismissed.

 The following was told to me by a patient and acquaintance of many years.  His credibility is without question.  I have altered the names and details of the story but the core of it remains intact.

 I was cleaning out my Mother’s house prior to the official closing.  After she died we tried to empty it of all its objects.      First we held a garage sale.  They we donated what was left to a local church.  Some of it became garbage.  We went through her possessions is great detail, many times, as did the numerous visitors.  We were particularly seeking to find her black jewelry box which she claimed had become lost.  She had suffered from some dementia before she passed.  She cherished the modest jewelry she kept inside and my family had bought it for her.  It was essentially gone and we began to believe it would never be found.  Now I was the last one to visit the home.  I walked through the rooms one last time.  I removed the mezzuzahs from the door posts.  I spoke out loud to my Mother thanking her for all she did for us and that now she was moving on as were we.  There was a deep silence that followed.  For some reason I glanced one last time into the empty living room.  The jewelry box was there!  It was literally impossible for that to be so.  Dozens of people had marched through the home.  Our family checked every square inch of it for that box.  But there is was.  Here’s the photo of it.  We have it securely with us  now.  I thought you would find this interesting.

   To say the least.


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