WHY THIS LIFE ? — It’s a Novel with Many Chapters

I hope what I’m about to write resonates with some of you.

 Most of us look at our own lives as some unexplained mystery.  Why do we experience what we do? Why do we encounter people who seem either loving or toxic to us? Why do some individuals seemed bound to us by proximity or kinship and seem to different from us?  Why is life just so impossible to figure out?

Perhaps we need to enlarge our perspective on life itself.  Let me offer a few thoughts and see if they even remotely make sense.

 Let us suppose, for the point of this exercise, that reincarnation is a real force in the universe.  If that is so then certain aspects of our life here begin to make some sense.  If our true nature is that of a spiritual being having a human experience, then we return to each lifetime with a mission, or at least a goal.  Overcoming adversity, embracing relationships, working on our faults, connecting to the planet, encouraging other beings to become their best selves, etc. etc.

 In the context of rebirth, each lifetime could be regarded as one chapter in our soul’s journey, the ultimate novel.  If our soul, the immortal self, requires multiple lifetimes to evolve, and that we forget the details of our last one, we find ourselves living this life confused and bewildered.  The analogy would hold because if we came upon a novel we have never read, picked one chapter in the middle and begin reading, we would most likely remain confused.  Who are these characters? Where did they come from? Why they interacting with each other? Where are they all going anyway?

 I suspect that our soul’s journey is like that.  If we had the benefit of a greater perspective, many of life’s mysteries and conundrums might make sense.  Since we don’t, this is all mere speculation.  But if reincarnation is real…..it might just make sense.

Stay tuned.

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