WISDOM FROM THE SAGES — “This Too Shall Pass”

The origin of the phrase “this too shall pass” is clouded in antquity. Whether the pronouncement of a Sufi mystic or derived from the wisdom of King Solomon is frankly irrelevant.  The term resonates with meaning to anyone who seriously considers it.  It is essentially life’s great equalizer.  

It was utilized to make sense of the challenge given to a wise man– derive an expression which will bring joy to those who suffer and sadness to those who are experiencing life’s bounty.

Those who are joyful will acknowledge the transient nature of life’s positive experiences.  Likewise those in the midst of unbearable suffering would be wise to remember it as well.

It can function as an amendment to the Serenity Prayer which prays for the acceptance of that which we cannot change, the courage to chagne what  can be changed and the wisdom to know the difference.

This phrase parallels the Buddhist notion of “nonattachment”.  This does not compel us to distance ourselves from all emotional connection, or to avoid loving relationships.  It merely reminds us of the transient nature of physical existence. By recognizing that “this too shall pass” we are mentally and emotionally better prepared for what comes our way.

“This too shall pass”. Meditate on its meaning and find a path for healing.

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