I have been enamored of the relationship between a physician and metaphysician for years now.  My book is titled META-PHYSICIAN ON CALL.  My blog is PHYSICIAN TO META-PHYSICIAN.  I continue to believe deeply that the awareness of human beings as a composite being of body, mind and spirit is essential in the healing process.  

It was particularly gratifying to find a quote from Anatole Broyard, writer, literary critic and editor who stated Also, I would like a doctor who is not only a talented physician, but a bit of a metaphysician, too. Someone who can treat body and soul.  It would be presumptious of me to believe that I have reached that level of awareness. I do believe it is an ideal, one that I am striving to reach.

 I would point out that I have used the term METAPHYSICIAN and META-PHYSICIAN.  They are clearly related but not identical.  A metaphysican is someone who seeks to understand the nature of reality.  Metaphysics is a subcategory of philosophy. Using meta  hyphenated with physician also introduces the notion of meta as change or transformation.

  It represents a level of awareness among physicians that we need to transcend the weight of frustration, annoyance, outright rage that we experience from insurance companies and governmental bureacracy  that threatens our best efforts to appreciate the role we can play in our patients lives.  I must continuously remind myself that my better self can move beyond these hinderances and be the meta-physician I seek to be.

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