Before relating the following anecdote I should offer some caveats.

 If you are convinced that consciousness ends at the time of physical death then you shouldn’t bother reading further.  If you are totally convinced that those who claim to communicate with souls who have crossed-over are complete and utter frauds, read no further.  If you are brainwashed by certain religious dogmas and doctrines and believe that alternative experiences are the work of the devil, read no further.

 But……if you are open minded, curious or have had your own intuitive experiences that lead you to seek more, then stay tuned.  The initial “twirling ring” anecdote was described in my book META-PHYSICIAN ON CALL… (p 77)

 The key to what I refer to as the credibility quotient regarding these anecdotes is knowing the individual who has had them.  There must be no question of their credibility, reliability and honesty.  What helps is their unattachment financially or professionally to the content of their story.  In other words, they have nothing to gain (and perhaps much to lose if someone regards them as a bit “off” by telling what they know.)  

In the book I refer to Marilyn (all names changed) who was gifted with medium/psychic ability since childhool.  She never charged for her services and actually desired them to vanish, which they did not.  She recalled learning of a nurse I called Janet whose daughter Sue died tragically in a car accident.  She knew Janet from working together at the hospital at which I was an Attending physician.  She had never met Sue but when she entered the family home for the wake she saw a picture of Sue and her sister Barbara.  Scanning the crowded room she saw Sue present there. She was translucent in appearance and she noted what she was wearing. It was clear that no one else in the room could perceive her.  She appeared anxious and confused and was vigorously twirling a ring on her finger. 

Months later she felt it was safe to approach Janet and describe the events of the wake.  Janet broke down in tears when she confirmed that, indeed, Sue would twirl the ring on her finger when upset.

 I have always considered this anecdote one of the most powerful I have ever heard and, quite frankly, highly suggestive of survival of consciousness after death.  But just the other day, nearly ten years later,  I had an amazing follow up.

 Janet brought her husband to me for a screening colonoscopy.  She then related a recent occurrence in the family.  They were on vacation and her remaining daughter Barbara describe having an extremely vivid dream in which her dead sister Sue appeared in specific clothing and affectionately stroked her face.  It was so realistic that she truly felt her presence.  But the next morning as she told her mother Janet, she felt almost foolish.  She rationalized that it must have been wishful thinking.

 The family returned home and Janet returned to work at the hospital.  To her surprise Marilyn greeted her and pulled her aside. “Your daughter Sue will not let me rest until I tell you and your daughter Barbara that she was really there– it was not a dream!”  Of course Janet was floored. How could Marilyn have known about the dream in the first place?  When Janet described the clothes that Barbara  had described, Marilyn stated– “Those were the exact clothes I saw her in at her wake.  She must have been wearing them at the time of her death.”  Janet confirmed the fact of the clothing, also that she was not wearing them when she was laid out at her wake.

 Now as Janet related this story to me she had a gently smile on her face.  This had been a powerful validation that Barbara’s experience with Sue was not a hallucination or dream.

 It gave her some small comfort to know that her daughter was gone from the physical realm but that her soul connection lives on.


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