We inhabit a universe of self-help articles/ programs and gurus. We have access to a multitude of therapists of all kinds from psychoanaltic to energy/spiritual healers to Yoga instructors, religious leaders etc. etc.  Ultimately, however, no one else can do the work of healing for us.  It must come from within.

There are times in which I find myself seeking to read the next tidbit of advise, of wisdom or recommendation.  And truthfully there is good reason to do the seeking outside of ourselves for clues to what we might need.  But healing ultimately means “to make whole” that which is unfinished, broken, dysfunctional.  And although we can read the blueprint that is available to us, we need to do our own deep, often times difficult work to accomplish what needs to be done.

There are chemicals/ drugs/ pharmaceuticals which allow people to function better but these are not truly healing, only allowing those of us in extremis to do our own work. Firstly, make a diagnosis.  What is ailing you, really? Our physical complaints need to be addressed by seeking professional help.  Our spiritual/emotional selves cannot be healed by another.

Do the research, seek outside advise and counsel but ultimately filter all of it through your own deep awareness.  What resonates with you as truth? Your soul speaks to you through feelings. It knows what you need to heal and will give you signs, some subtle, others more dramatic.  Don’t ignore them or rationalize them away.  Embrace the intention to heal.

Discard the role of victim or the notion that you deserve to suffer for your “sins” or some unknown karmic debt.  Don’t accept such a negative diagnosis–especially  when it is self-inflicted. Don’t drown your pain in drugs/ alcohol or sex or other diversions. Understand that only you can fix yourself.  Meditate, relax, exercise practice gratitude and kindness to yourself as well as others. Understand the basic of truth of existence–you are a spiritual being have a human experience.  Mediate on that mantra. It will change your perspective.  Only someone ready to be healed can do so and believe you have the ability to accomplish it.

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