In my continual search for a meditation practice I return to concepts that may or may not have “worked” in the past.  Referring to a 2009 blog posting on this topic I can find some renewed interest in its features.   

It centers on the breath but with an awareness of the ephemeral nature of existence. We know that breathing has both a voluntary and involuntary component–if not we would not survive an evening’s sleep.  But the voluntary nature of breathing is powerful and can be used as a spiritual metaphor.

We can visualize the Universe, God, Ein Sof as willing our existence–literally from breath to breath.  This Kabbalistic interpretation differentiates us as animals, living beings who do not exchange oxygen and CO2 passively like plants.

Therefore, we can regard our very existence as a choice which depends on the Universe offering the gift of life for just this breath and not another. When we breath in, the Universe is breathing life energy into us.  When we breath out the Universe is accepting our release of control.  Our usual state of consciousness avoids considering this possibility. But  we can focus and immerse ourselves in gratitude for life itself–and the gift of one more breath. 

This is akin to the notion of releasing the illusion of control in which we usually exist. Our giving it up to the Universe allows us to finally relax.  There is no reason to panic, or worry.  We can release our tight grip on ourselves.  Plunging into the abyss is our destiny.  Will we recover from it?

Wait for the next breath.

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