A metaphysican’s desire— to explain consciousness.  What is it? Is it strictly and simply the functional product of neural pathways integrating themselves within the unlikely structure known as the brain?

Or is there more here.  Is consciousness the expression of the mind, clearly not identical with the brain, the physical apparatus and structure.  The mind seems to be where we are.  Right now.  It is the space in which “I” reside.  It is the conglomeration of all my thoughts and feelings, cognitive and emotional essence.   But is that all?  Do we delude ourselves into believing that there is nothing more to us than this?  

Is it conceivable in any way that consciousness is not merely the product of neural activity within the brain, but that it represents something more?  It is clear that physical damage to the brain though injury, disease or congenital birth defects influence our thoughts and feelings. 

We appear to be strictly. the product of physical brain functioning.  But what about the reports of near-death experiences (NDE)  with their out of body recollections.  Numerous examples can be found in which cognition, observation and reporting of these experiences confirm what seems to be logically impossible— awareness exists outside of a fully functional brain.  

Critics will claim the NDEs are illusory projections of a disordered hypoxic brain.  Really? Then how can a disordered, malfunctioning, disabled brain produce such clear, emotionally and spiritually transformative experiences?

So what if the relationship between the brain/mind/soul is this.  The brain is the physical transmitter of consciousness. But mind or consciousness is an amalgam of the physical brain with its inherent proficiencies and deficiencies and soul consciousness which is our true essence and has reincarnated over many lifetimes.. 

The soul consciousness essentially incarnates and observes the working of the mind which creates and reacts to its own creation.   So essentially our minds our egoic selves is the “place” in which our consciousness resides.  Much of this information can be gleaned from  the writings and research of  Michael Newton and his work with deep hypnotic regresssion.

If we find evidence that consciousness CAN indeed exist without the functioning of a physical brain,then we can open ourselves to the possibility of a cognitive soul that reincarnates over multiple lifetimes.

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