I have an issue with eating which needs attention.  Although considered ‘overweight’ based on a BMI graph (I prefer to believe muscle mass corrects for some of this )

I do find myself, at times, eating mindlessly. I find that I eat when I’m bored, or stressed, or multitasking and completely not paying attention to what I am eating.  At times I can perceive a sense of fullness but continue to eat food that is tasty anyway.

 Although I do believe the mindfulness approach will help greatly in directing me on a sensible and safe approach to eating, I believe my approach needs ‘tweaking’.  What might help is a friend’s suggestion that I should feel as if I will report what I am eating to another individual.  By doing so I will consider what I am eating and whether or not to make a quick grab of something or continue to ingest food after I am actually full.

What i now believe is that other individual can actually be me!  This corresponds with what mindfulness meditation refers to as the ‘witness’ or the ‘observer’.  By playing the role of the ‘observer’ I can offer myself a moment to choose whether or not to eat the way I usually do.  That moment of awareness may seem subtle but I believe it to be powerful.

 I truly believe I will consume less calories and make better choices. I am putting myself to the test right now. Good luck to me and the other me, the observer.

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