Join me on this healing journey of inquiry.

I am a physician by training and profession, a gastroenterologist to be precise. I am a metaphysician by nature.

By dictionary definition, "metaphysics" is, more precisely, that branch of philosophy which endeavors to explore the nature of reality. In that sense, aren’t we all metaphysicians? We cannot help but ponder Life’s deeper questions: Is their a greater purpose to our existence? Is there an afterlife? Do we have souls? Do they persist after bodily death? Why is life so hard sometimes?

To my way of thinking, such questioning is basic to our human consciousness. Another area that is integral to our human experience is that of healing. Don’t we all seek insights into our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and that of our loved ones? Many of us hunger to know more about our human relationships … about how our bodies work, how illness occurs, how healing can happen, how the mind and our spiritual nature work. These are the subjects we will explore together here.

I welcome your comments on my postings and urge you to enter the inquiry by sending your questions and topics to my column, Ask Dr. Steve.

Good Journey, Dr. Steven E. Hodes

"True delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing." – Isaac Asimov

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