Mission Statement

The mission of Physician to Meta-Physician is to assimilate the fascinating and compelling information I have acquired during my personal metaphysical journey and apply it to a deeper understanding of healing and share it with others who are called to take this journey with me.

In this sense, I transcend the traditional role of physician – which is defined by my training and education — and broaden to the role of Meta-Physician, which includes all aspects of the unity of body, mind and spirit.

I will endeavor to expand the notion of healing beyond that of merely the physical body to include an understanding of humanity’s basic reason for being:  to evolve, to grow, to learn, to correct and to repair ourselves in mind and spirit. Such an undertaking necessitates the awareness that one’s own destiny is inextricably tied to that of all other beings and the planet itself.

The conquest of love over fear is a worthy healing mission that we can pursue together, as well.
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