Ain’t She Sweet….Hooking Up With Lady Neanderthal

Don't judge people by their looks–they might be your relatives.  Recent studies have documented that we, modern, beautiful Homo Sapiens contains up to 4% Neanderthal DNA.

We got it the way most people get there–through sex.  So we need to face up to the truth that our ancestors either had "beer goggles" or just perhaps….they weren't much better looking than the Neanderthal chicks they hooked up with.

The changes in how we describe those hairy, brutish, sloped-headed Neanderthals has begun to change anyway.  They have been described as having reddish hair and maybe even blue eyes.  Hmm, looking better already.

Wonder how some fundamentalist bible huggers will regard this bit of science?

Probably like anything else that isn't "scripture".  They don't.

But that doesn't make it less true.  Says a lot for the racial "purists" as well.

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